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    PC to MAC migration


      Downloading Lightroom worked!!! Now I need to transfer my old Lightroom 2.x catalog from a PC running XP to the MAC OS 10.x.


      I backed up to a Toshiba EHD and when I tried to open its contents on the MAC I got some files with code inside them. I could not see or figure out how to open the menu that appeared on the PC. I looked on my MAC's downloads list and discovered the EHD is a UNIX Executable file. Is there any way at all to move these files onto the MAC or do I need to hook up the PC and start all over again? I've been reading about HFS/NTF issues and reformatting hard drives, but this brings up two more questions: (1) how do you format an external hard drive and if I need to  do this, which format should I use and where do I find it; and (2) will the info on the current EHD be erased if it is reformatted? I will not be going back and forth between MAC and PC. Once my old catalog is transferred the PC will not be used.


      Thanking you in advance-JW