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    Totally fed up with Adobe Customer Care


      I'm totally fed up with Adobe. There is no way to contact them when having problems. Over the years I've upgraded both Photoshop and Lightroom and when I go to my account there are only 2 older versions of photoshop and not the most recent that I bought (CS5). My lightroom versions have totally disappeared so now, if I need my serial number or need to reinstall it I can't. Silly of me not to have saved them to my computer but this was the last thing that I expected.

      Also, my husband changed his e-mail address and has no way to change it because he can't access his Adobe account. Things could be fixed easily if only I could call them or e-mail them.

      We don't want the cloud versions because we are not professionals and it would just cost too much. We can work just fine with the products as they are. We have paid a fortune for their products and not being able to contact Adobe when there is a problem is unacceptable. Could someone from Adobe Netherlands please contact me?