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    Please help!!!


      I successfully uploaded an avi file & began to edit. after re-opening Adobe premiere element 9, Adobe tells me that it doesn't "support the file or a codec is missing"

      Why does this happen & how do I fix it?

      Please help asap!

      Thank you!


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you using an external drive, and did you unplug/replug the drive?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Please clarify

            I successfully uploaded an avi file & began to edit. after re-opening Adobe premiere element 9, Adobe tells me that it doesn't "support the file or a codec is missing"


            Given you have an .avi file imported into an opened Premiere Elements 9 project. You subsequently save and close that project.

            When do you get the error message

            Adobe tells me that it doesn't "support the file or a codec is missing"

            Is it

            a. when the project refuses to open and instead presents the above message

            b. after the project opens and you are viewing the Timeline content?


            Did you leave anything out of your issue description, such as....could you be opening the saved closed project to be greeted

            by "Where is the file.....?" message? If so, are you then using that message's dialog to find and select your missing file and that is when you get the

            non support message?


            Also, how are you opening the saved/closed project.


            Your issue could be related to:

            a. missing media because you moved, deleted, or renamed files/folders after the project save close OR because of an external hard drive issue if media were stored on an external hard drive


            b. you attempting to open a Premiere Elements project file (project.prel) in another project file (project.prel).



            We will look forward to further details.






            Add On...What type of .avi files are you using? What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 9 installed on? Are you working from the 9.0.1 Update of version 9?

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              OhioSportsNet1 Level 1

              I am using an external drive. I've unplugged it a few times & tried it on different computers.  I just noticed that the avi files that I'm looking for having mysteriously vanished.  The title of the file is there & date of import, but instead of 10gb of data, it says that the file has 0kb of data. This happened to 7 files!!!! How does this happen that files just POOF!!!! and vanish???!!!  I imported 11 total files and only 4 remain

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Are these .avi files stored on the external hard drive? If so, has the drive letter for that external hard drive changed since the time that you imported those .avi files into this Premiere Elements 9 project?

                (By the way, what type of .avi files are these?)


                In spite of the current files vanishing within the project issue that you now present, can you still see those files at their hard drive save location, each with its expected file size? And, is that hard drive save location the same for all, that is, the external hard drive?


                In addition, are you now seeing colorful media offline displays for the files with the 0 file size?




                Add On...when you import files into Premiere Elements (Get Media...), all that you have in Premiere Elements are copies of the originals that are still on their hard drive save location. But the copies in the project's media must trace back to the originals at the location that existed when the files were imported into the project. Otherwise, nasty media re-connect issue result.


                Please restart the computer. Assure that the external hard drive is connected and recognized by your operating system with the same drive letter as usual. Reopen your Premiere Elements project and observe the current state of the situation.