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    Pages into layers

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      I was wondering if any of you guys could help my out with some script to help speed up what is currently a very labour intensive process.


      I'm designing small catalogues which have some customer specific information on them (Names, offer codes etc). The printer would like the Indesign document to be supplied with a base layer with all the artwork on and then separate layers for each new name and offer code, with each layer named with the corresponding code.


      I'm currently data merging with the spread sheet with the names and offer codes but it creates a new page for each name so what I'm left with is a 70 page document and I'm having to copy and paste each name and offer code from their individual pages and onto a new layer in the artwork document.


      So i was just wondering if there was any kind of script that could combine all the pages of the document into one, but have each page on it's own layer.


      I hope that makes sense