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    FTP Plugin keeps asking for password


      Hi everyone,


      I tried to build a simple ftp upload plugin by altering the sample plugin from the sdk kit but I've constantly been asked to type in the ftp password. What's wrong?


      I'm pretty new to lua so the error might be pretty obvious.


      I build a local preset:


      local ftpPreset = {

          passive = "none",

          password = "password",

          path = "",

          port = 21,

          protocol = "ftp",

          server = "server.com",

          username = "username"



      After that I build the ftp connection:


          if not LrFtp.queryForPasswordIfNeeded( ftpPreset ) then




          local ftpInstance = LrFtp.create( ftpPreset, true )


      But when I start the plugin I'm prompted to retype username and password (username is pretyped).


      Would be great, if someone could help me build my own ftp plugin.


      Thanks everyone!