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    Help with an XML List

    robsharma1985 Level 1
      <category name="Seafood" catName="Seafood" catID="6">
      <product name="Alaskan King Crab" prodName="Alaskan King Crab" prodID="18" unitName="Pound" cost="8.5" listPrice="14.98" imageName="seafood_crab.jpg" description="Delicious crab, fresh from the Alaskan waters" isOrganic="No" isLowFat="No" unitID="3" catName="Seafood" catID="6"/>
      <product name="Maine Lobster" prodName="Maine Lobster" prodID="12" unitName="Pound" cost="8.99" listPrice="18.95" imageName="seafood_lobster.jpg" description="Extra large and great tasting" isOrganic="No" isLowFat="No" unitID="3" catName="Seafood" catID="6"/>
      <product name="Salmon Filet" prodName="Salmon Filet" prodID="13" unitName="Each" cost="4.55" listPrice="6.99" imageName="seafood_fish.jpg" description="Boneless filet with creole seasoning" isOrganic="Yes" isLowFat="Yes" unitID="1" catName="Seafood" catID="6"/>

      i would like to access only the imageName node so for each i just to display only the imageName. I am using a tree function but everytime i do labelFunction = "@imageName" i get the entire categoryNode. Thanks