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    authoriaztion issues


      I have downloaded ADE on my computer how, however I did not now what the authorization was and bypassed this step - and now I cannot get it to authorize or allow me to move books to my kobo,.  I deleted and then reinstalled and it is not working.

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          Selenity Jade

          Did you check to see if it was already done?  This exact thing happened to me, went too fast past the beginning steps and thought I didn't aurarize the computer.  So to check, go to Help in the menu bar.  The Authorize Computer selection will probably be greyed out - mine was - so go to the next option, authorization information.  It'll probably say it's already authorized.  The rep I was on the phone with told me because ADE is a free program, it actually doesn't need authorization.  So whether you choose it or not, it's "authorized" as a matter of course.  However, lemme know if it's not.  Because that'd mean the rep didn't know what she was talking about.  (I had gotten pushy trying to fix my ADE so I gave up and called them!)  Good luck!


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            You 'called' them? How did you do that? I was on with LiveChat on the computer for about 3 hours waiting for someone today (only to finally get the message that 'Chat is unavailable right now', whatever that means). I purchased a new iPad Mini and can't download books from the public library because it says I need to authorize my Adobe ID. Done that, or thought I had, but it goes into this circular reference between OverDrive and Adobe ID. I've been trying for three days to get it sorted but no luck so far, and no replies on this user forum. VERY frustrating!

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              Selenity Jade Level 1

              I don't remember exactly where I called them from.  I find it frustrating that a lot of programs you use that are free have NO freaking support.  You can't get a hold of anyone.  It took me screwing around for like four hours before I finally ended up calling them as if the program I wanted help with was one of their paid ones.  Even IF you pay for another Adobe product, if it's any of the free programs, you cannot find support except user forums like this. I cheated by using another support program, I just don't remember how I did it.  But they did help me at the time. Currently I am trying to figure out why my program keeps freezing and have received NO answer on that, can't get the chat working.  *sigh*  It's SOOOO frustrating I know!  That's why I answered up there.  I knew that getting an answer was like basically a long shot.  And I had the same issue and no one answers.  I just don't remember how I ended up with support numbers.  Sorry!

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                deborahmacnz Level 1

                Everything here is a bunch of circular references. Adobe community gives no help, directs you to forums, which don't answer the question then direct you to Live Chat, who have no idea how to fix it and refer you to the community.


                The Live Chat guy I FINALLY got hold of today said I needed to ask about it on the Forums. Um, yeah, done that! I replied that people have been asking this question (or similar) since at least April with no replies. He also sent me to the Contact Us page on Adobe.com. I tried the phone number there but ended up (after about 8 steps) with 'I'm sorry, these services are not supported. This call will be terminated.' Then dial tone. I wish I could bill Adobe for all the hours I've spent trying to sort this. My next step will be to try Live Chat again and hope I get someone other than Aswin. Or to do what you've done and say I'm ringing about some other programme that actually IS supported.