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    ComboBox external Skin

      Hi All,

      I have three different swf files.

      wrapper - which is working as wrapper (main movie) of whole application.
      digitalAssets - where combo Box is attached at run time and dataProvider property is being set here.
      skin - this is the swf where I am placing all the skin movie clips for combo box

      Firstly skin.swf is loading in digitalAsset.swf and then digitalAsset movie is attaching ComboBox component from library. I have given linkage ID's to all the skin elements in skin.swf. But skin is not being implemented. Once the skin will implement here then I need to call digitalAsset.swf in wrapper movie. I'm placing all the skin movieclips in skin.swf , so that whenever we need to modify the skin, we just need to modify the skin movie.

      I'm stuck here. Please help me to solve this issue. It's urgent. Thanks guys.