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    Audition Freeze on Start up

    ejwn Level 1

      Audition CC 2014 (latest version, updated today) freezes on start up, using 100% of one CPU core. Here is a short demonstration: http://youtu.be/_h46tYC-17g

      It happened before updating to the latest version, too. I haven't needed to use it until now. All other Adobe Products work fine - I use Premiere regularly.


      Things I have tried:

      • Installing to a different drive
      • Uninstalling and reinstalling
      • Holding down Shift to clear preferences


      I'm using a Windows 8.1 system with 16GB RAM.

      Can anyone else suggest something else for me to try?

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          I'm having a similar problem. Ever since I installed the latest update Adobe Audition crashes on start up.

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            ejwn Level 1

            I've been speaking to Adobe support and we've narrowed it down to a problem with the graphics drivers. After replacing the updated nVidia drivers for my Quadro K600 with Microsoft's standard VGA drivers, Audition starts perfectly. Of course, this isn't a long term solution given these drivers have no features (dual monitors, etc). I'll report back once they get back to me with a viable solution.

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              ejwn Level 1

              I hate leaving threads without a specific solution. After being bounced between nVidia and Adobe with the traditional blame game I was eventually advised to reformat and reinstall Windows. The problem went away, of course, which is annoying as now I don't know exactly how to fix it, should it happen again. Oh well...

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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                Hi Ejwn,

                Sorry to hear about this. I'm glad you're up and running again, however. The problem you describe points to how Windows might be controlling your dual GPU setup. Hopefully, it is enabling the higher performance GPU now. Though this is a more common problem with AMD GPUs, I can see how this might happen in your case.


                Regardless, I hope you don't experience problems like this again. If you do, don't hesitate to create a new post or PM me.



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                  I am experiencing the same problem described by ejwn. I am running Windows 7 with 16 GB of RAM and Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti driver. I am in the middle of heavy production and reinstalling windows is not really a good option for me. I've tried a clean install of my graphics drivers as well as Audition itself to no avail. Does anyone have any updates or further suggestions?

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                    ejwn Level 1

                    Hi Kevin, just to clarify, I do not have a dual GPU setup. I have a single NVidia Quadro K600. Adobe Audition was the only program that was having issues.

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                      ejwn Level 1

                      Hi BopBop, if you change the graphics drivers to Microsoft's standard VGA drivers, does it start up fine? My next step was to try some really old nVidia drivers to see if they improved the situation. That's my only suggestion, I'm afraid. Hopefully someone else who had this problem and was able to solve it (without reformatting) might have suggestions...

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                        BopBop Level 1

                        Thanks for the reply. I got tech support to help me identify the cause, which turned out to be a corrupt workspace in my appdata.

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                          bobby dylan

                          Can someone help me? I updated to the latest adobe audition and it freezes at launch every time. As soon as it says "initializing (backend)" the program freezes and then closes. I have been up and down these forums and haven't found a solution, its very frustrating.

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                            Charles VW Adobe Employee

                            Hi bobby dylan, can you post your Audition Log.txt file?