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    certain drop down menu features don't work - transform feature unavailable


      I am unable to access several features under the edit drop down menu (I'm using an older version, CS2), including the transform tool (the keyboard shortcut doesn't work either), which I really need for something I'm currently working on. I am also missing (they show up in the menu but are greyed out so I can't click on them) other tools in this and also the layers menu.  My images are JPEGs in RGB mode as is the case for pretty much all photos and scans I work from.  I remember having this problem years ago on a really old version of the software and I asked one of my teachers how to fix it but I don't remember how to do that.  I tried to re-set all my preferences, and also reset my tools, and re-start Photoshop and none of those options have done any good.  How can I get these features to work again?