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    Flex framework selection (Robotlegs)


      I am pretty new to flex.

      Recently I have started working with an existing flex air project (both desktop and web application). I have to handle a particular module in that project. In the whole project there is no framework is using at all, and all the modules are very tightly coupled.

      I would like to create my module as a separate library project and rewrite it by using some framework

      I have studied little about the different frameworks and had come up with a decision to use Robotlegs. It feels little easy to rewrite current code using Robotlegs. But I have read somewhere Robotlegs is less flexible. Since I am not aware about the flexibility of Robotlegs, I am little confused to start working with that.


      In future the main project may start using some framework. So I have two question,

      1. Is it easy to change a Robotlegs supported code to some other framework.

      2. Will Robotlegs be flexible enough to work as a library project to work with another frameworks or a non-framework project. 


      I would greatly appreciate any suggestion. Please let me know if any other framework works better in this situation.

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          pauland Level 4

          As a new Flex user maintaining part of an existing project, I would say to be very cautious.


          I haven't used robotlegs, but attempting to learn flex and robotlegs and convert part of an existing project to use it is a recipe for disaster.


          In my experience companies are interested in quick results when in maintenance mode on existing projects and won't be interested in excuses when the new developer messes up an existing project by trying to introduce a framework they know nothing about.


          Get comfortable with basic Flex. If you want to try RobotLegs, create a test project to play with.


          Don't add robotlegs to a live project when you are not sure of either flex or the framework. Or if you do, start looking for your next job!