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    no css in weinre inspector

    getho Level 1

      Just discovered edge inspect, great how quick it was to setup, but theres no CSS in the remote inspector - not under computed or styles (which was the whole point!)


      I should say I'm not getting css for ANY website, not just my own.

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          Yes same problem here am I missing something? why can't I see any css styles un the styles area?

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            saumishr Employee Moderator

            Edge Inspect uses Weinre for Remote Debugging. If the Matched CSS Rules section is empty for most of the elements you click on, it may be because of same origin restrictions for accessing CSS rules via the CSSOM. In other words, Weinre may not be able to see the CSS rules for CSS files that you import from a different origin than the original document

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              I can not see the style sheets in Weinre but only on android devices (4.3 and 4.4).  When I connect any iOS device, it works perfectly.  I can see html and I am able to expand divs and it does highlight the selected item on the mobile device, but all style sheets on the right are closed on both samsung and dell devices that I am using.