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    Lightroom Mobile - sync 2 computers?


      Hi there,


      I have 2 computers - 1) iMac, which is my main computer, and 2) MacBook Pro which I drag around with me everywhere. I'd welcome the opportunity to sync the catalog on my iMac with my MacBook Pro, so that I can edit & retouch images while on the road. Can this be done using Lightroom Mobile? If so, how? When I try to sync a catalog on my MacBook Pro I'm greeted with the included image:LightroomScreenSnapz001.jpg


      What exactly does this mean? To me, it appears that what's currently being synced to LR Mobile will be replaced/overwritten by the catalog on my MacBook Pro. I don't want this. I'd like them to be in sync. I don't need the entire catalog to be synced, just the collection that I'm currently working on. Help?





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          greule Adobe Employee

          With the current Lightroom Mobile version you can only have one catalog connected with your Adobe id. When you decide to switch catalogs, Lr desktop will come up with the "Change sync catalog"- message. When you confirm to sync the new current catalog your previous catalog data will be replaced with new one.


          Hope that answers your question.