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    Cinema4D lite to Ae - External Compositing Tag - drifting... help

    Daniel_Peterson Level 1

      Trying to finish a job, at the last stages, everything is good to go using cinema4D lite and Ae Cineware. I've set up a couple of video boards and animations in cinema 4D lite (with external compositing tags) and back in after effects extract the camera from the cinema project... but no matter what I change, the position of the 'external compositing tag solid' drifts and doesn't align properly to the video boards... changed it to +Z as other forums suggested but no difference?... I even created a simple new scene, with one plane to see if my project had some setting wrong but the same problem... any ideas how to fix this?


      Here's the test files... notice the red solid drifts in and out, not following the camera move correctly in after effects

      Dropbox - Test C4D to Ae plane