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    Calling SAP WebServices always requires login



      I hope you can help us here:

      I have build several web services in SAP ECC, I have tested these web services from a test tool soapUI

      I have build the forms in SAP using xfa javascript to make web service calls. I have created a data connection and I execute the action

      from the connectionset. When testing the form, the call from Adobe to the SAP Web Services is executed,

      but before receiving feedback from the sap wabservice, Adobe always comes up

      with a pop up titled "Windows Security" requiring SAP login username and password. Even when cancel/close (without capturing any details)

      the login pop-up, I still get the correct response from the SAP web service. So the web services call is successfull, but the pop-up keeps

      coming up. How does one permanently suppress the login pop-up from adobe for webservices/data connection that require no authentication.

      Ps. See the pop-up image below





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          NoveltySA Level 1

          I eventually found the solution.

          - Setup the SAP Web Service to no authentication

          - In SOAMANAGER set the usename and password for the Web Service.

          -N.B. The username used above should be of usertype = Service; otherwise a login pop-up will come up each time.

          -Trigger the WebService from the Adobe Interactive form using Data Connect  .execute(0);