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    PS Smart Layers into AE with scale/rotation values?

    Raw Melon

      Got a project where it's easier to build in Photoshop because of the size of the comp. Elements in PS that I will replace in AE are turned into Smart Objects so I have full size versions which are easily rotated/scaled/moved into place.


      My question is, when importing PS files into AE using Keep Layer Size, does anyone know of a way/plugin/script that will take my Smart Object layer and rather than rather than rasterise it, apply scale and rotation the Smart Object layers? I can then easily swop out the layer with an AE comp and not spend loads of time resizing/rotating etc.


      If not I think it would be an extremely useful feature request and iron out quite a large bottleneck between the two apps. Perhaps and option to convert Smart Objects to comps in AE and use those in the timeline with transformations would speed workflow even more.