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    color levels change on output

    fredoviolawoodstock Level 1

      Hi there, folks


      For a while now I have been having a lot of problems with output in AfterEffects where color levels are concerned.  Everything always seems to come out quite desaturated.  I usually end up creating a top positioned adjustment layer and pump the chroma levels using Hue/Chroma plugin, but depending on which device the work is being viewed on the results are mixed.  Is there a general rule of thumb to what the levels should be  ?  Is there a plugin tool to help make sure everything is healthy? Why does this loss of saturation occur? 


      The footage is usually starting off from a Canon 5D. I usually output as Animation compressor and then bring it into Media Encoder and output as H264 with very high settings.  This is where the desaturation occurs, but I've had the same problem exported as H264 directly from AE.


      I apologize if this is the height of stupidity, but any advice would be much appreciated