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    Need to find out how to lock a point in a path that will not allow the rest of the path to rotate or move around it




      I am having some trouble with using shape layers and paths to create a solid, flat 'hair' effect in a cartoon animation.


      I have used a semicircle shape layer as the hair on the head itself and then a path with a stroke of the same width as the semi circle to be the long part of the hair.


      Unfortunately when I move/rotate the bottom point in the path it causes gaps to appear further up where the stroke is rotating around the point at which the stroke is supposed to "connect" to the semi circle.


      I have included a couple of screenshots of me rotating the hair opposite ways so you can see.


      RHnyfud - imgur: the simple image sharer


      E5sA6dg - imgur: the simple image sharer


      I need to find out if there is a way to lock the top point in place where it joins the semi circle blond hair which will stop this part from moving at all, even rotating around the point.


      But the bottom needs to move freely and obviously the part between the two points will move fairly naturally.


      If you can imagine how a girl with long hair has her hair attached to her head, it does not move at all, but the bottom moves freely. It needs to be like this.



      If you can provide any assistance it would be greatly appreciated.