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    Lightroom 5.4, 5.5 and now 5.6 develop module not processing changes made on pictures

    Will de Dill

      Has anyone come across this annoying bug from Lightroom yet? if so how did you solve it, workaround also welcome, it's doing my head in now. Been here for weeks now with all jobs sitting on my desk waiting to be processed but lightroom NOT working as it should


      Version 5.4 never had this sort of issue and when upgraded to 5.5 all seemed to work fine up to 3 weeks ago when i though my PC was the culprit, uninstalled - deleted reg keys and clean registry hives from any LR entries yielded NOTHING upgraded to 5.6 same completed the same tasks on two other laptop with Win 7 and Win 8 NOTHING.


      I'm  on Windows 8.1 any similar photo editing tools will be appreciated, getting fed up with these dudes now.