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    Extending Flash - DOM publish settings

    Ex Malterra Level 1
      I'm programming a panel to allow our developers to batch replace background images. I'm essentially done but have one issue; allowing the user to choose a publish location. It’s a minor concern at this point because the publish settings for all the files in the project are already properly set. However, in future projects this may not be the case.

      I’ve researched the documentation and found several Document publish properties and methods but none that allow direct manipulation of settings. At this point I’m thinking I’ll have to use exportPublishProfile() to a temp folder I’ll assign via fl.configDirectory, open modify and save the XML, use importPublishProfile() and finally clean up the temp folder. As all current files only have the Default profile this shouldn’t be any more complicated than that, but again in the future I may be dealing with files that have multiple publish profiles.

      I would certainly appreciate any knowledge/insights anyone would care to share RE manipulating publish settings. Thanx in advance.