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    Document set ups


      notepad problem.PNGHow do I add a document within a document? I made a notepad in indesign and my teacher told me to make another document 8.5 by 11 and add two notepads in it, so the size would be 5.5 by 8.5. But when I place the document, it won't let me fit it in properly.

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          JeffSydor Level 1

          I'm assuming that you created an InDesign file as your template, your original notepad is 5.5" W x 8.5" H and that you want to print 2 pages per US Letter sheet?


          If so, you can create a new document that is 11 W x 8.5 H (uncheck facing pages) and use the Place command to place the original InDesign file into the new document. Then duplicate the placed content so they are sitting side-by-side.


          If this is for printing multiple pages quickly (i.e. 10 pages of 20 sheets or so), then you can also cut those 2 placed copies and paste them into your A-Master page. Then just create as many new (non master) pages as you need. Then when you update the original indesign (or other source) file all the pages in the new layout would update.

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            krissypoo0727 Level 1

            thank you for the help.

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              krissypoo0727 Level 1

              I have another question, im working for this company and they would like em to redesign their logo. she asked me to make them an automotive wheel, is there any tutorial for that in illustrator or Photoshop?

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                JeffSydor Level 1

                Not too sure, but I would maybe look at places like tutsplus.com or something.


                But I would use Illustrator instead of photoshop