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    After Effects defaults media cache to C drive


      I couldn't find this topic in the discussion group. Sorry if it's a duplicate.


      I've been using After Effects since early 2000s and have always put the scratch disk and media catch on a separate drive. I have a drive (SSD) for the operating system, a drive (SATA 3) for the software, a drive (SAS) for a media (audio, graphics), a drive (SAS) for the scratch disks, an external raid drive for the video.

      I'm currently using CS6 and have been using this version since it was available. I recently opened After Effects and a message appeared saying that the scratch and media cache have been defaulted to the C drive. I always have it assigned to a separate drive by itself. When I open the preference for assigning the cache to the drive I normally assign it to, it doesn't appear in the list. Only the C drive. However in Photoshop CS6 all the drives appear in the preference settings for disk cache.

      Did I miss something? Where there changes to how the caches are set?Thanks