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    Flash Media Server 404 error


      I have some mp4 files that I uploaded to the Flash Media Server on a domain in the AWS cloud. I uploaded to /mnt/applications/vod/medi

      a via Win SCP.

      My website is on an IIS on another domain. I am using an html5 video player. I can use javascript to fetch video files for the player when they are on the IIS. These are mp4 files. But I want to use the Flash Media Server to serve these files out via http dynamic streaming.. So I am passing a full http address into my javascript code on my page for the get, and it is pointing to the right folder.


      This code works perfectly when I give an address to an mp4 on the same webserver as the website, but when I point it to the FMS address, I get a 404 error.


      Any ideas? I don't think it's cross domain issue because I should be asking for these files just like any anonymous internet user. On the dev tools console in chrome, it's showing me the get and it's showing the right address and filname, so my javascript seems to all be correct.