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    Photoshop CC becomes unresponsive when minimized/placed behind other windows




      I have a strange issue whereby photoshop opens fine, I can edit and work within photoshop for as long as I wish, however if I open another window (explorer, other programme, internet, email, anything) in front of photoshop, it suddenly becomes unresponsive. I can't select anything, I can't do anything and I cannot close photoshop without task managering out of it.


      If I minimize photoshop and try to restore it, same issue arises. It does not grey screen whirly wheel at any point however, it's just unselectable.


      The interesting thing is, if I leave photohop running for around 10 minutes, it suddenly comes back to life and I can minimize to my hearts content, open as many windows as I fancy, and there is no issues. It is just the initial startup causes this oddness.


      Does anyone know why this would be, what I can do to fix it etc?


      I've tried deleting and re-installing from the cloud - no change. Perhaps a corrupted something is causing an issue?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated


      Many thanks