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    Flash Catalyst 5--Artboard Error and Code Error When Publishing

    AndyKae Level 1

      I am trying to create an interactive document in FC (imported from Illustrator) for the first time, but I am having two big problems.


      1. When I run my project, quite a big portion of my outside edges are "cropped" off, and I can't see them in the browser.


      2. When I try to publish my project, the first few times it worked fine, and the image wasn't cropped, but the buttons I added didn't work. Now when I try to publish my project, I am getting an error message, saying there is an error in the code. This is really confusing, considering I published the same exact document a few days earlier, and now all of a sudden it wont work. I have since tried publishing different documents, and the same message occurs. All my artwork is rasterized in Illustrator, and my Illustrator file is 3.3 MB.


      Can someone please help?


      Thanks so much!