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    How to type Hebrew sentences in the middle of a French (or English) paragraph ?


      With Microsoft Word, it is easy to type a Hebrew sentence in the middle of a French paragraph. But when you read the file with Indesign (CS6), all the Hebrew is recognized, a Hebrew font is used, but the text appears typed in the bad direction, as if it were CHIR SI ROLIAT YM in English. I have read the help in InDesign Help | Arabic and Hebrew features | CC, CS6.


      I see that there is a difference in the Character panel menu and the Caractères menu in the Franch edition:


      ============== English version form Help:

      If you have a mix of languages in the same paragraph, you can specify the direction of text at a character level. Also, to insert dates or numbers, specify the direction of text at the character level.

      From the Character panel menu, choose Character Direction and then select a direction.



      Character direction
      Character direction
      In the French version, the list is shorter and the choice “Character Direction” does not exists.
      What I need is only a way of inversing the characters in a group of words. What to do ? I use CS6 Indesign on a Mac.
      André Bellaïche