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    Indesign & Illustrator CS6 both freeze on startup.




      My Indesign & Illustrator products seem to be crashing at startup.  As well as Adobe Reader, sometimes.  Photoshop and Bridge seem to work fine.  I have tried to run the programs with nothing else to ensure they have plenty of memory, have cleared my preferences in Indesign, have trashed the files in the recovery cash, but I still can't seem to get either program to work.  Indesign is still opening saying that it has to recover files, however now when I go look in the Cache in my Library there is not even a folder for Adobe. 


      I have my disk and can re-install if necessary, but would prefer to avoid as it seems some of the other programs are running.


      Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

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          Did you migrate the Programs from an old mac to a new if yes remove every thing and reinstall

          if not and if the problem recently started , as you said you have removed the old preferences

          i also wanted to know when you launch it are new one getting created ?


          try safe mode if you are not on a network , or create a new user account and try it in that let me know if it worked