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    Problem Exporting - Append to PDF?

    myDavey Level 1


      I have a heavy InDesign doc - Full color, many graphics etc. Size is 60MB

      We decided to change the size of the book, so I export to PDF, then import the pdf to new doc with new size and fit it to page.

      The new doc size is 80 MB

      For some reason, when I try exporting the new doc with the placed pdf, I get an error in the middle of the export "Out of Memory"


      If anyone has any advice on that - I'd be glad to hear.


      Otherwise, I was thinking of making a script to export 50 pages at a time (which does work)

      The problem is that I then need another step of combining the files in Acrobat

      Is there a way that InDesign can append to an existing PDF?







      P.S. Any other ideas and advice is more than welcome!