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    Edge animate crashing while saving...

    Hanzal Salim

      Edge animate always fails while saving one of my projects. I tried it in different systems but still the same issue. Does edge have a limit in no of symbols??? because i have about 100 symbols.... can you provide me with a patch or something for this issue. Please reply ASAP. I am attaching the project here..



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          dharmk Adobe Employee

          I downloaded the sample and tried opening and saving the project in both CC 2014 and CC 2014.0.1 and its working fine. I have tried this on win 7 and win 8. What is the error that you are getting? Can you attach a screenshot of the error? Also, can you share a screenshot of all the processes which are running from the task manager?



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            Hanzal Salim Level 1


            Thank you for replying. It doesn't show any error. it just wont save sometimes or it gets "not responsive" n crashes. I tried everything from setting the priority of the process high to running edge on graphics card. but still crashes.


            for my sake i found out a way to save the project through the web browser.


            I think it crashes if the symbols are above about 110 in number.(small projects works just fine).


            So can you please tell if there is an issue with a large number of symbols?

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              Xrazzicaz Level 1

              i'm having similar issues it seems to be greatly improved by disconnecting from the internet when saving files. Although for me sometimes edge refuses to  save a file once i have made a change. I am also using many symbols. My only resort is to save as in a new folder and it works but is tiresome.

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                I'm also having a problem saving. I tried saving to a different folder, but it only saved the html file, an file and images, but not any of the java script files.

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                  drsqueegee Level 1

                  You won't see the problem that way, because you are not making changes to the file. The problem is that it appears to save the file, you continue to work on the project, make changes...save...make more changes, save, and then you discover that none of your past hours of work have actually been saved! Now I am checking the actual html file in the browser to see if the changes are being saved. It seems that after a couple small changes edge will no longer save unless I restart the program. This is all very tedious and tiring.

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                    drsqueegee Level 1

                    In case any of the staff are trying to rectify this bug...here is something I noticed that may be helpful. When I discover that my recent change/addition has not been saved (because I must now check after each step by refreshing the html file in the browser, not just checking with control-enter) I have to close edge and restart it. When I close edge it asks if I want to save! It shouldn't be asking this, because I just saved!


                    I'm wondering if the issue has to do with not enough memory. It seems the problem occurs when there are too many operations during the creation of the new symbol. Edge has to remember each step, so it can give you the option of undoing. Perhaps if there are too many steps "memorized" there is not enough memory left for the save procedure?? Just a thought. If I had more ram would the problem go away? I only have 4 gigs of ram on the laptop I'm using. Do any of you guys who are having similar problems have more or less ram?