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    a symbol in text pushes the text line down in a table

    ceilr Level 1



      I am running CS5 using Windows 7


      I have a table whose main font is Palatino Linotype  11 pt.  But a couple of times I need to add a Wingdings2 font (using the 8 key) at 18 pt.  When it is on the first type line in a cell, it pushes all the text in the cell down, misaligning the text with that in the cells on either side of it.


      I tried reducing the line-space height from the default for Palatino (12.65) to 6 points for just this one character, but nothing happens.  Nothing also happens by lowering its placement in the Characters palette.  I even tried changing the symbol's size to 11 points (way too small for what I need, btw), but the entire type line is still shifted down some.


      I have checked to make sure that the space following this character is Palatino, with all type-line setting remaining the same as that in the rest of the cell.


      Oddly, I don't have this problem in other cells where the symbol is on the second or third type line in the cell!  (Meaning that the type line doesn't get bigger.


      Hopefully there is another override out there than I can try.  Thank you.