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    formatting an icon created in ID for mobile devices

    ceilr Level 1

      I am running CS5 using Windows 7.


      I am trying to create an icon for an Interactive Print doc that will go on mobile devices.


      jpg on iPad does not work.  The icon looks fine in iTunes, but turns black when the doc is synched to iPad.  I made one very successful icon using .tiff in Illustrator.  But as this next icon needs to have manipulated characters in it (or at least I would >like< the icon to have them!), I have two problems:


      1. Importing the manipulated characters from ID to Illustrator works, but for reasons unexplained, the text box becomes much wider than the icon size.  If I shrink the box width there, the characters get skinnier.  (Or can I crop a .tiff?)
      2. .tiff is not an available format in ID.


      My other choice is to ditch the character manipulation, but I don't like how it looks and that's not the way the letters look on the book the icon needs to point to.


      Aside from asking this question again at the Illustrator forum, I am wondering which of the other formats offered under Ctrl-E might do the job so I can have what I envision?


      Thank you.