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    Adobe CC products won't launch after install and activation of Adobe Premier Elements 12


      Installed Adobe CC according to directions staring with Adobe Acrobat as PRE and then proceeding with the rest of the packing components that instructors wanted after Acrobat was installed.  Serial number was embedded with the install and it never asked me to activate the CC product when I launched them.  Instructors decided they wanted Adobe Premiere Elements 12 installed (a 11 Multi-seat license).  Premiere Elements, when I launched it, prompted me to sign in to the Adobe account and enter in the serial number on each of the 11 computers the product is installed on to activate it and fully use the product.  It worked fine.  I had to move the computers to the room where they needed to be used and connect them back up.  A few days later, I reconnected them and started them up and logged them in as the user and launched Premiere Elements.  On one of the machines so far, Premiere Elements reverted back to trial mode and said that it had seven days left and that I needed to sign in to the Adobe account and activate the product.  I signed in to the Adobe account and again it asked for the serial number of the product, which I entered in.  I got Premiere Elements activated, but now none of the Adobe CC components will launch at all.