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    Can anyone help me in relation to a message I am getting when I open Photoshop?


      Hi - I have received an e-mail from Adobe saying:

      'We have been unable to bill the payment method on file for your account. To make sure you have uninterrupted access to Creative Cloud, please take a moment to update your billing information.'

      I have looked at my billing history which reads as follows:-

      Date     Type     Payment

      30 Jul, 2014     Invoice     £8.78    

      29 Jun, 2014     Invoice     £8.78    

      30 May, 2014     Invoice     £8.78    

      29 Apr, 2014     Invoice     £8.78    

      30 Mar, 2014     Invoice     £8.78    

      27 Feb, 2014     Invoice     £8.78    

      30 Jan, 2014     Invoice     £8.78    

      When I open Photoshop I am getting a message saying that my subscription may end in 25 days (now 24) - does anyone know how I can I update my payment?

      Many thanks, Raphael.