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    Lag with Lightroom 5.x with UHD resolution: where is the bottleneck? CPU or Graphic Card

    D. Campillo

      Hi folks,


      I just bought a new ASUS PB287Q UHD/4k display to run Lightroom. The resolution is amazing: crisp, sharp, bluffing...


      To run it I bought (perhaps a mistake) a Nvidia Quadro K600 with display port to run at 3840x2160@60hz, which is perfect expect the HUGE lag when applying a Gradient Filter, etc.


      So my question: does the card haven't enough power to display such a resolution or do I have to change my CPU (i5 3570k running à 4Ghz OC), even if it doesn't go up more than 80%.


      Should I continue to tweak my PC (why not) or switch to a Mac (mac mini or Mac Pro).


      My configuration:


      CPU i5 3570k @ 4Ghz OC

      Memory: 16Gb

      HD: 2 x 512 GB Samsung SSD

      Internet Bandwidth DL Speed: 220 Mbit (...just for fun...the thing I won't change)


      Many thanks,