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    RoboHelp 10:Did Adobe change how RoboHelp 10 handles CSS stylesheets in the .htm files that are generated?


      I work on Java application that utilitzes the .chm and .jar file (which include the .htm files) to display our applications help documentation. We recently upgraded from RoboHelp 8 to RoboHelp 10. The .htm files that were generated with RoboHelp 8 display fine. However, the new .htm files generated by RoboHelp 10 seem to ignore the CSS stylesheets used. I compared one of the .htm files from RoboHelp 8 to the same .htm file in RoboHelp10. I did notice differences within the files. Can you tell me what the differences are, regarding the usage of CSS stylesheets, between RoboHelp 8 & RoboHelp 10?


      Thank you.