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      Screening, Search, and Detection    Mission Areas: Prevention, Protection     Description: Identify, discover, or locate threats and/or hazards through active and passive surveillance and search procedures. This may include the use of systematic examinations and assessments, sensor technologies, or physical investigation and intelligence.



      California Capability Target • Detect, identify and locate 100% of the personnel suspected of being involved in a potential terrorist act at mass gathering locations or critical infrastructure. • Discover or locate 100% of bomb-making materials obtained by personnel suspected of involvement in a potential terrorist act. • Deploy sensors such as license plate readers and additional personnel to locate 100% of VBIEDs in transit. • Implement systems to track the extent of natural (e.g. fire, flood, earthquake, pandemic, animal/plant disease), technological (e.g. hazardous material release), and man-made events (e.g. terrorist incidents) that provide designated recipients in all 58 operational areas access to real-time data. • Maintain Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs) for additional personnel and laboratory capacity in response to human pandemic and animal/plant disease.