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    Text Hyperlink Links To Wrong Page

    thanser Level 1

      I have a series of six text links (hyperlinks, not buttons) that link to pages in a 75 page document I'm creating and publishing as an interactive PDF.


      Link #1 and #2 won't go to the correct page, but #3 to 6 do work correctly.  My page numbering starts on page 3, so the list of pages appears as 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. (No page numbers appear on the first two pages.)


      I want link #1 to go to the second page 1 and link #2 to go to the second page 2.  Follow me? 


      But, the first two links go (incorrectly) to the first page and second page, respectively.  I've selected the CORRECT page 1 and 2 in the drop down menu, over and again.  Same problem.


      I've deleted these hyperlinks and started over again. Same problem.


      Is there a way to label or ID a page, so I can link to it exactly?  I can't seem to hyperlink to a bookmark, like you can with a button.  (Bookmarks always work fine.)


      Any help here?