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    Letting effects extend past size of the video.


      Hey guys, and thanks for trying to help me out!

      I am new to After Effects, so if you can help me out, be as detailed as possible. Thanks!


      This is a problem I've had multiple times, but it usually goes: I import a video (image). And I add some effects. But the effects don't affect the composition beyond the individual perimeters of the video.


      Here's an example below:

      Adobe After Effects Help.png


      When I added the blur and glow, it gets clipped off at the top because that's the size of the image. Which is weird because I'm applying it TO the image... so the entire image should be effected. However, it's getting clipped at the top.


      Anyways, I was hoping there would be a way to "create a bigger canvas" like you can in photoshop where it just extends the canvas in whichever direction you need it to be extended. Hoping that will help. Or any ideas other than "just crop it to a super wide ratio... and let that be the video ratio".


      Thanks again,