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    Excel each row as an indesign table


      Hi, I have I have a massive catalogue to do and I was wondering the easiest way to import it from excel.

      I know I can use the cell range or even the name range in indesign. The problem is that I have like 5000 products so even if I was to import/ cell range: A:1;G1 (one table), import/ cell range: A:2;G2 (second table), etc...

      I would have to do that 5000 times to then start styling.


      Anyone with experience in this are that could share some tips?



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @mjbigo – I have some experience with splitting tables in InDesign.
          Before we have to know a few things:
          1. Are you placing a formatted or a unformatted table?
          2. Should every split row go in its own text frame or in one single story?



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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            @mjbigo – if you want every split row of your placed table inside its own text frame, you could use the following approach:

            InDesign CS6 and above:


            1. Add a new document with a primary text frame: Single sided, one page.


            2. Go to page 1 of your document and place your table inside that master text frame.

            Let InDesign do the work for adding pages automatically.


            3. Go to your master spread and set the height of the primary text frame roughly to the height of the row of your table (add a bit to its height) so that only one single row can be visible in the frame.


            4. Then run a script that splits the story.

            You will find it in the Samples/JavaScript folder of the InDesign Scripts Panel.

            Select one of your text frames and run the following script from your Scripts Panel by double click on:



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              SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If the contents of your rows are similar in size, you could do the whole thing with Data Merge, possibly even including the images, if the image names are consistently connected to the item names or numbers. (for instance, Item X would have images X_a, X_b, etc.

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                Mjbigo Level 1

                Hi Guys, thanks a lot for all your response.


                I ended-up downloading a trial version of EasyCatalog which I am loving. It is so powerfull, it is also a bit pricy but considering I have a couple of catalogues to go it should balance out.

                I market 's response as correct as It does what I initially though I needed and it is also a great tricky.


                But I will definitely take some time to look at data merge SRiegel suggested.

                I've never used it.