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    Trouble with Tooltip – Display Text behaviors

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      I’ve got 3 graphic sprites with tooltip behaviors on each with a short line of text. I’ve got one named text sprite with the display text behavior, the display type is set to tooltip. When I mouse over the graphic sprite the tooltip appears on stage with the proper text but the width of the sprite is huge (over 4000 pixels) rather than being sized to the text … anyone know what’s up? I’ve used this behavior in older versions with no problem, now in 10.1
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          The "on BestRect" handler in the Display Text behavior initially sets the width of the tooltip display sprite to 8000 pixels, then determines how long the longest line of text is and reduces the width of the member to fit.

          I have just tested this using Director 10.1, and it works as expected, using the default tooltip string.

          Please create a demo movie containing just the rollover sprite with the Tooltip behavior and a text or field sprite with the Display Text behavior, and ensure that this still shows the symptoms. If so, please send it to me at james.newton(at)openspark.com and I will see what is going wrong.
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            Thanks James,

            I actually have an older project done about a year ago where I used the behaviors without a problem. I ran the unprotected files in 10.1 authoring mode and the behaviors worked fine. I then lifted the behaviors out of the old project and dropped them into some empty test frames in the new and the problem returned. It’s got to have something to do with the new movie but I can’t figure out what. The only difference I can see is the font used for the message text.

            The bestRect handler is returning a width of 4031 when it should be closer to 100 (13 characters at 10 point, Futura Hv BT). My first solution was just to hack the handler and return a width of character count * 5 (an arbitrary number that just worked for my text) … however, in the end I didn’t like the way the tooltips looked so I used an unmodified version of the behavior with static text (status bar mode) and it looks better and works fine.

            The font is the next suspect to eliminate, frankly I don’t recall if my version is a genuine Windows True Type font or a Mac font hacked through Fontographer to get a PC version … unfortunately the problem is resolved as far as the current project is concerned and I’ve got two more rushes right behind so it might take me a while to get a definitive answer on what was happening. I’ll update the post when I do.
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              I have also a lot of troubles with tooltip. Earlier versions worked correctly but in Director 11 there is a lot of problem. The size of textwindow is really tricky to get to the right size, it´s more my luck then knowledge how the result will be. Sometimes no text will appear in textwindow,but when I use this behavior several times it suddenly can work. Ok save and next time I open the file things don´t work :( I have also problem with filled rectangles-and transparency set to zero. I had them working as buttons (with mouseEnter) and when I open file next time all "buttons" has moved to another position.
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                James Newton, ACP Level 3
                I've just created a bare-bones test movie in Director 11.5, and I have not encountered any issues with the tooltip display. bjanun22, could you post a movie on-line so that I could look at it? Thanks.
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                  I have Director ver.11.03 How do I post a movie on-ine?