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    Retouching headshots

    Chris Fotis

      I edited one of my head shots on my iPhone with different apps, and the image resolution is low. I was wondering if there is a way to use photoshop to take the original/unedited (high-resolution) image and and match its pixel to the edited image, bypassing having to retouch the original manually. Thanks for any help!

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          This question seems pretty close to nonsensical to me.

          Anyway, what exactly did yo do – proper retouching, distortions, color corrections, … and which apps did you use for the various steps?

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            Chris Fotis Level 1

            It was a while ago. When I put the full size JPEG image onto my iPhone via Facebook the image size/resolution was reduced. I most likely used Perfect365 and FaceTune to make minor adjustments to my photo. After using the apps, the output resolution was still reduced. The retouched image isn't quality enough for printing. I'm wondering if there are tools in PS5 that will morph/transform the original untouched image (which is high resolution) to match the retouched image as identically as possible, therefore saving me from having to retouch my photo again but this time in Photoshop. I like the result from using the apps on my phone but I need a better quality resolution, resampling and sharpening the image isn't working well enough.