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    Text animation preset

    lornaimw Level 1

      I have used native presets, downloaded some from real script writers and also from other sources, and these all seem to work fine, whether using key frames or in and out points it all works.


      Here is a download link for a project with 1 comp, with two text layers in. 1 works perfectly (I didn't animate myself) and 1 has my attempted saved preset on, but just does nothing. How can I copy and save the working animation as a preset? I selected all keyframes, saved as a preset, applied this preset to the layer, but it just does nothing, and doesn't even take across all values like the ramp up etc.


      Any ideas?!



      This is a cc file.


      Dropbox - Test (converted) copy 1 comp 4.zip

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          An animation preset can only be generated from the effects on a single layer. Are you trying to use both layers? Did you type Animation Preset in the search After Effects Help field a the top right corner of the app and search resources there like this one:

          After Effects Help | Effects and animation presets overview

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            lornaimw Level 1

            Hi Rick


            Yeah I've created animation presets before just for movements etc and those have worked well. And also work on a text layer etc.


            This is using the range selectors (I don't even know what they've used I just can see how it's animating!!)


            I used U to twirl down all the keyframes on the one layer of their text animation. Selected them and saved the preset. When I then apply that preset to my own editable text layer, I get the key frames etc, and the values change... but no animation happens.


            Oh dear. Am I missing a point here? That should work right?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You need to press the you twice to reveal everything that has changed on the layer. You are only saving the range selector keyframes not want the range selector is controlling.

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                Trent Armstrong Level 1

                Like Rick says— hit U U and the appropriate layers will be revealed. Then select all of the properties that show up— this should select all keyframes as well. Then save as Preset!


                When you then apply the preset, make sure your time marker is in the right spot because that is where your keyframes (if there are any) will be applied.

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                  lornaimw Level 1

                  Wonderful! I wasn't sure how that would work because I felt like I could see everything, UU didn't seem to make any difference but it has done it! That's me being a bit useless hey!


                  Thanks very much