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    How do I update interactive links across a document created from importing other indd pages?


      Hello! First time writing up a query to please bear with me!



      - I am creating singe page templates for various uses (cover page variations/index page variations/content page variations/etc…)

      - The index page has all the chapters listed which are prepared to be linked interactively

      - All the other pages have a single drop down interactive menu at the top which effectively have the same links as what the index page offers


      The idea is for the client to then create a document by pulling in the individual pages he requires at that moment (it is for client presentations… sales pitches, etc.).



      - Not all the projects they will create with these individual pages grouped up will be the same. Some will have longer menus, others fewer pages, others longer titles, etc…

      - The client has very limited indesign knowledge so cannot be expected to update multiple areas of layout/code etc.

      - It can be imagined that they can learn how to fix one set of links (say, index page) after they have updated the content, BUT then this would have to reflect across the rest of the document's top menu items...


      To summarise

      As you may have guessed it, the idea is for the client to have a sexy clean design with interactive menus which vary slightly from document to document (which they have created from single indd pages grouped together (not in a book though)).

      They would implement their text/image changes to the template elements and then export the whole thing as an interactive PDF with the menus (index and top) linking to the right (updated) places. They don't have the time or the knowledge to go nuts changing all the links everywhere...


      Should I just inform the client that they should either crash learn indesign or forget it? Are they dreaming?


      I hope someone out there has some pearls of wisdom for me!!!