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    Lightroom network chatter

    JeffSP Level 1

      HI all,


      A couple days ago I began to subscribe to LR, PS and Creative Cloud. I've been a LR & PS user for many years, and already had the current versions of LR & PS that I'd previously purchased, but I wanted to be able to use LR Mobile, so I bit the bullet. I've setup syncing and all is working. However, I noticed that there is now a ton of internet traffic coming/going from Lightroom to the point that my hard drive is now constantly in use. I've also noticed that LR is considerably slower because of this, so I've turned syncing off. However, there's still a ton of network traffic going on.




      What's all of this, and what's the need for it? Why is it constantly running in the background, even though syncing is off? I'm going to block it all very soon, but would love to know why it's so noisy.