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    validar el numero de serie


      buenas tardes: he comprado el premiere elements en descarga, pero no me deja validar el numero de serie, mi sistema operativo es windows 8.1.

      Alguien me puede ayudar? gracias

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Serial number and activation chat support (non-CC)


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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Please make sure that the antivirus and firewall(s) are disabled.


            This is not Adobe, and Adobe is the only one to resolve Activation and Serial Number issues. Typically you contact Adobe via its Adobe Chat.

            These days it is often difficult to contact Adobe Chat because it is undergoing updating. So, sometimes you click on the link to it and get only Ask the Community. You want Chat Panel and not Ask the Community in order to get to Adobe Chat.


            The following link for Adobe Chat is active at this moment. I just tried it.

            Contact Customer Care

            It has been pre-set by me for

            Premiere Elements

            Adobe ID, Signing In

            Adobe ID, Sign In, Account Help

            Chat Panel


            If the web page set does not hold, then use the above titles to navigate to the Chat Panel.


            Please let us know the outcome.


            Thank you.



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              I bought Premiere Elements yesterday, but the system can not validate the serial number. Does OS 8 Seeing that guasifox have the same problem. Can anyone help?

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                barbro 72


                This is not Adobe. Rather, user to user.


                Have you gone through the all of the details and suggestions given guasifox and none of them worked for you?


                Have you made contact with Adobe via its Adobe Chat since Adobe is the only one who can sort through the purchased serial number and

                activation issues. Please refer again to comments in earlier posts in this thread.


                We will be watching for your progress with Adobe Chat.





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                  barbro72 Level 1

                  I've chatted with Adobe, but they found no solution to this.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thank you for the follow up.


                    How was it left with Adobe Chat? Did it offer you your money back?


                    This is what I would like you to do if you have a purchased serial number with 24 digits xxxx  xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx....I am assuming that you have Premiere Elements 12 and are trying to install it on Windows 8 64 bit computer.


                    1. Go to Control Panel/Programs and make sure that Premiere Elements 12 is not listed under installed programs.

                    Uninstall it if it is.


                    2. Disable the antivirus and firewall(s). Be sure your Internet connection is working...shut down the router for 30 to 45 seconds. And, clear the default browser's Advanced/Network/Cached Web Content.


                    3. Run the free ccleaner


                    (regular cleaner and registry cleaner parts)


                    4. Reinstall Premiere Elements 12 from your installation files and insert your purchased serial number into the installation when it is asked for.

                    Please clarify...how did you purchase Premiere Elements 12

                    a. online download from Adobe


                    b. installation disc that came with the box packaged purchase


                    c. other


                    Please let us know the outcome.





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                      barbro72 Level 1

                      I bought Premiere Elements with 24 digit serial number online from Adobe. I have uninstalled the program several times. Also run CCleaner.

                      Will now disable antivirus and firewall and try again. Thank you that you will help me.

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                        barbro72 Level 1

                        I will let you know what happen.