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    Infuriating 'Adobe InDesign CC 2014 has stopped working error' has lost me a day. Just got dumped by chat support...

    luke.kelly Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've taken a few deep breaths before writing this to try and avoid a hugely frustrated rant.

      To summarise; since early this morning my previously healthy version of InDesign CC 2014 has been unable to open, crashing at the 'Executing startup services...' stage with the error message 'Adobe InDesign CC 2014 has stopped working'. I worked on it all day yesterday and use it extensively every day more or less, this problem came out of nowhere overnight. I didn't do any kind of system update in the interim period. I'm using a HP Envy dv7 Notebook PC running Windows 8.


      I tried as much as I could based on my own very limited knowledge and some forum searching. I re-installed the software. Did that again using the Adobe CC cleaner .exe file in between un-install and re-install. I uninstalled older versions of the software (which all worked fine - as does the rest of the Creative Suite software I have installed. I deleted extensions. None of this helped.


      I then went looking for Adobe support and got a guy via Adobe's chat controlling my PC from afar and trying some much deeper technical stuff. After two hours he said that it was an OS issue, sorry... after a bit of dismayed pleading he said OK, I'll try one more thing and made me a new user with administration power, told me to login in to that account and try again. I did, it worked! But it's still broken on my main account and he disconnected in the few minutes I was gone and I now seem to be frozen out of chat help. HELP!


      What does this mean? All CS/CC software seems to be working fine on my normal account apart from InDesign CC 2014. I have a huge file, now very close to being overdue, which I was working on in 2014 CC and can't be opened by older versions. The software works on this other account - so I guess I can work there short term. But how do I get it fixed on my main account?


      Hopefully someone out there has the answer?