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    Software opening issues & can't save for web

    SusanSherman Level 1

      My PS CS6 Design & Web premium has been working flawlessly since I got it...until three weeks ago.  At that time, I began encountering issues when launching the program.  When I try to launch, I receive a succession of error message dialogue boxes.


      One refers to a "AFlamingo.dll" file that is missing

      One refers to a "OneCoreFoundation.dll" file that is missing

      The last states, "The procedure entry point ?append@String@ScCore@@QAEXPBD@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library ScCore.dll


      If I click "OK" past all three, the program launches successfully.


      HOWEVER, today I attempted to "Save for web" as a .jpg file and the entire program hangs up.  The "Saving" progress bar gets approximately 2/3 of the way done and quits.  I cannot do anything except click "Cancel" which results in the system telling me that the program must be shut down.


      Can anyone help me with this issue?  I have been waiting on my IT department (don't get me started) and they insist that the problem lies with a plug-in.  Here's the catch...I have never loaded a plug-in to my system!  If PS can't do it, I don't do it.


      I am operating on a Win7 platform and both the OS and PS are up-to-date.


      Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!