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    InDesign Print Settings - how to


      Why are Epson WF7520 printed documents all wrong - colors just don't match my InDesign layout.

      The printer copied documents ok but did not print ok. So printing program which was InDesign must be at fault.

      The InDesign print settings must be at fault. How to fix"

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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Well uuhhhmm...it's really not so simple as "so the application must be at fault." Color matching in print is an intricate science containing many variables. To really get troubleshooting help here, you'll have to provide just about all the details regarding the elements of your design, their composition, color models, color profiles, inks used, etc. Furthermore, the act of printing directly from InDesign may introduce some complications in itself. It's likely you'll get suggestions that exporting to PDF and printing that is one way to take more control over the process. And, no matter what, your printed output is never going to look exactly like what you see on your screen.

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            Tfen10 Level 1

            The problem was not using epson compatible inks - i was using repackaged inks - definitley big mistake.