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    Flex Charting + Timeline

    ljonny18 Level 1
      Hi I want to create a chart / timeline style thing using Flex Charting.

      For example in a 100 meter race there are 3 people each have a:
      Start time
      Finish time
      Completing time (time it took them to compete the race etc)

      Competitor 1
      StartTime: 0 sec
      EndTime: 16 sec
      CompletionTime: 16 sec

      Competitor 2
      StartTime: 0 sec
      EndTime: 11 sec
      CompletionTime: 11 sec

      Competitor 3
      StartTime: 2 sec
      EndTime: 12 sec
      CompletionTime: 10 sec

      From the results you can see that Competitor 1 came in last position (16 sec), Competitor 2 came in 2nd position (11 sec), and although having a late start Competitor 3 made up the time during the race and came 1st!!!

      Now, I want to be able to represent this data in a chart / graph in Flex as a timeline etc… for example:
      Competitor 1, a line starts (goes up?) at 0 seconds, continues for 16 seconds and ends (comes down?) at 16 seconds
      And for,
      Competitor 2, a line starts (goes up?) at 0 seconds, continues for 11 seconds and ends (comes down?) at 11 seconds
      And for,
      Competitor 3, a line starts (goes up?) at 2 seconds, continues for 10 seconds and ends (comes down?) at 12 seconds


      Is this at all possible (as a lineChart…)?? And if so how can I represent this information??? Any help / advice would be most appreciated.