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    Keyboard shortcut for resize/magnifier stops working


      I've recently upgraded my OS to Mavericks on my iMac at my job. I had been working with Photoshop CC 2014 via the Cloud for some time. When I upgraded my OS, I noticed that PS CC 2014 no longer works at 100%. There is a standard keyboard combination to acquire the resize tool. I use that key combo more often than not. Now, while working on a project, that key combo just stops working and I have to save and restart PS CC 2014. If anything else is happening, I can't pinpoint what. I'm not doing anything unusual for this to happen. I've read a few discussions and nothing specific is listed on my search. I need someone to help out here. Photoshop CC 2014 is NOT working at 100%; that's all I know. No matter who said it was "fixed", is wrong. I hope someone out there reads this. I want answers before I reload anything.